1965 Williams Touchdown*

Description: Touchdown*, Williams #307, 1965. A pitch and bat with a football theme. Has a football running man unit. Instead of "outs" (like baseball), "fumbles" are used (three fumbles per quarter).

If a 25 yard target is hit, a running man unit football player "runs" (to first base). A 75 yard hit is like hitting a "triple". The center touchdown pocket (hit via the single center ramp) is a touchdown (home run). If the bases are loaded and the center pocket is hit, a replay is scored (operator adjustable). If all targets are hit (including two fumbles!) across the back of the playfield (there is a light on the backglass corresponding to each target), then an overtime period is awarded (three additional fumbles, which are kept track with a discrete set of overtime fumble backglass lights). Game is not adjustable for multiple quarters (innings), as the only way to get three more fumbles (an extra inning) is to complete the target sequence.

The rear playfield targets are reset using a motor, and are all reset after each target hit. Also the center touchdown pocket has a bullseye target with a carry-over feature (spell T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N) for multiple replays (operator selectable). The center bullseye target is reset via a solenoid. A magnet is under the playfield to randomly vary the pitching (via a small stepper unit under the playfield). Target graphics are available in Photoshop 6 format (ZIP'ed) here.

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The author's Touchdown.

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