1949 United Tenth Inning

Description: Tenth Inning, United, 1949, a smaller game, 10th Inning, almost countertop sized, 10th Inning. As two flippers (top right and left side) that are both activated with either right or left cabinet flipper buttons (not impulse flippers either, they can be held in the "up" position like a Gottlieb flipper game). The player pushes a lever that delivers the ball to the shooter lane. Then the ball is automatically shot up to the playfield near the flippers. Uses three (or five) 5/8" balls for the player to shoot. The horizontal running man unit is a layed-down version of Bally's 1948 Heavy Hitter. Can also use the same stand as Bally's 1948 Heavy Hitter, as the two games' footprint is the same (15" x 27"). An amazingly fun little game (though I would have to say the 1948 Bally Heavy Hitter is a bit better). Similar to Gottlieb's 1951 Bush League.

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The author's 10th Inning.

Another pic of the author's 10th Inning.

original stand for 10th inning:

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