1937 Rockola World Series 1937

Description: World Series 1937, Rockola, one player, manikin playfield with the actual 1937 World Series All-star players' names. Game was made between 1937 and 1941 (production was stopped because of WW2). Game keeps track of balls, strikes and outs (not many pitch & bats keep track of balls thrown, or strikes for that matter). Pitcher can deliver up to fifteen different pitches (curve, fastball, etc, but in reality it's not that many pitches). When the pitcher throws a strike the umpire raises his right hand. If it's a ball, the umpire raises his left hand (the umpire is again a feature not seen on many pitch & bats). A series of gears and weights record the play with excellent accuracy. The Yankees' batting roster is Gehrig, Herman, Crossetti, Higgins, DiMagio, Warner, Chapman, Hubbell and Dickey. The fielding team is Dykes, Medwick, Appling, Averill, Gehringer, Dean, Demaree, Terry, and Hartnett.

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Pictures by Rob L. and John P.

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