1960 United MBA Bowling Alley

Description: MBA Bowling Alley, M.B.A. Bowling Corporation (St. Louis MO), 1960, six player. All hardware is United bowling EM parts, M.B.A. Bowling Alley is much like the United Bowl-a-rama with pins attached to cables/chains. MBA and Bowlarama are also similar to Bally's 1964-1969 Ball bolwers. 20 feet long at minimum. Game was designed by United (and is a copy of the 1960 United Bowlarama), but was sold under the MBA Bowling Corp name. The MBA Bowling Alley came two different ways with one version playing two games (Regulation and "Spares", aka All-Spares). The one bad thing about the MBA compared to the United Bowlarama is MBA's complete lack of style in their game (for example compare the backglasses of MBA and Bowlarama, and you'll know exactly what I mean, not to mention the cabinet color paint used on the MBA). Unfortunately I don't have any more history of the M.B.A. Bowling Corporation or their ties to United. I believe this is the only bowling game they made.

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