1962 United Silver Roll-Down Bowler

Description: Silver, United, 6/62, roll down bowler, six players, 9 feet long, 3" balls, no gutters, five games (Regulation, line-up, bonus, all-strikes, all-spares). Game has a Bonus score reel for each player. When the game is in bonus mode, the bonus reel is incremented for each strike or spare bowled. At the end of the game the bonus score is added to the player's score as the bonus reel is counted down to zero. The bonus reel really isn't a score reel at all, but is a increment/decrement stepper unit with a plastic score reel attached. No Flash game (but Line-up is type of Flash style game where the player tries to get the numbers 1 to 5 in a line). Very similar to United Circus (9/62) and CCM Variety (1962).

I have never been able to find the schematic for United Silver, but it is the same game (electronically) as United Alamo (5/62) ball bowler and United Avalon (4/62) shuffle alley (but with no ball lift motor). Hence I have been using a United Alamo schematic to service mine, which seems to work fine.

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