1957 United Team Bowling Alley

Description: Team Bowling Alley, United, 4/57, uses four 3" balls, no gutters. United's second ball bowler - basically it's the same game as their first ball bowler "Bowling Alley" (11/56), but has two additional sets of score reels for accumulated team scoring and "marks" (a mark being a strike or spare). The team reels are not used unless a 4 or 6 player game is started, though Marks are scored for one and two player games. When a strike follows another strike in the previous frame, two marks are scored for the current strike (unless it's the 10th frame). Ball does not hit pins but instead travels beneath them and hits lane switches. Also has a ball holding system like the prior "Bowling Alley" that keeps the balls in the game to help prevent ball theft. Length is 11 or 14 foot lengths (a 4 foot section could be added to a 14 foot base game to get 18 feet).

14 foot United Team bowling alley.

The often missing ball holding coil and mech.

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