I Buy Pinball Machines!
Please contact me at cfh@provide.net or 248-390-5382
if you have a pinball machine for sale.
(Especially if you are in the Detroit Michigan, Southeast Michigan area.)
I'm always buying pinball machines from any era, and pay cash.
I pay from $100 to $5000 for a game (title/condition dependant.)
Note I don't resell machines, these are for my personal collection. So you won't sell me a game and see it on ebay a week later! This is a hobby for me, not a business, and I am very easy to deal with.

My (partial) Basement Collection of Pinball and Other Games.
My collection of 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s pinballs and other coin-op games I have restored. I generally buy any era of pinball, from the 1950s to the present. Pictures are big, sorry, they may take a bit to download. This isn't everything I have, but it gives a good idea of how nutty collecting coin operated games can get.

Aw the 1950s! My favorite pinball era. These games are hard to find, much less in good playing condition. I love the artwork of the 1950s, especially the art by Roy Parker. The 1950s girls are probably as sexy as they get until the 1970s. These pinballs are known as "woodrails" because of the wood siderails used to hold the top-glass.

The 1960s games used a lot of mechanical animation. I love the manual "push up" ball feeds still used during this era. Game play is improved over the 1950s, but the artwork isn't as sexy. These games are known as "metalrails" because of the metal side rails used to hold the top-glass. Also all these games are "wedgeheads" (know as such by the shape of the upper backbox).

The 1970s is popular for most Yuppies, but it's not my favorite era. The game play is good (3" flippers), but that "70s thing" is not nearly as cool as the 1950s and 1960s (in my opinion.) Some of the artwork is decent, but most of the "good playing" games don't have the sexy artwork.

Arcade Games (pre-video).
I really like the coin operated arcade games. Though very one dimensional, the imagination used to create these just floors me (with little technology and a lots of creativity).

Recent Pinballs.
I also collect the newer games too, when they're not too expensive! Though easier to find and really less interesting overall than the older games, the new stuff is fun to play.

Email cfh@provide.net or call 248-390-5382 with any of your games (from any era!) for sale. Thanks!