1934 A.B.T. Autobank pinball

Description: Autobank, ABT, 02/34, player adjustable shooter lane angle using a rotating handle on the front of the cabinet. This allows for aiming of the shooter lane shot by the player. (Gottlieb had a similar mechanism in 1982 on Volcano, but it was motorized.) Four score holes have rubber housings around their upper side. This allows the ball to only fall into them if rebounding from below, which is pretty difficult on a flipperless game. All the score holes allow the ball to roll down the drain board to score at the five rollovers. The score reel advances 200 points for each rollover. The red post at the bottom of the playfield is stationary and scores no points. Balls draining below it score no points. The score reel mechanism has two dummy zeroes in its display (score inflation.) ABT Autobank also contains a rubber wheel of embossed score values and an inkpad. When a new game is started, the previous game's score is recorded in ink on a paper tape reel. The tape (not reusable) unspools into a storage compartment. This tape allows the operator and the location to verify final scores, because payouts were paid by the location. Battery operated electro mechanical pinball.

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