1935 GM Labortories Builder Upper pinball

Description: Builder Upper, G.M. Labortories Inc., 03/35, three kick-out holes, 17 trap holes, multiball play. The upper playfield area has three kick-out holes, five 500-point trap holes, a 1000-point trough, a 1500-point trough, and an outhole trough. Also on the right side there's a ball kicker lane. On the left side there are two outlanes (one on each side of the 1500-point trough) to drop the ball to the lower playfield carousel. The carousel has trap holes around its perimeter and steps clockwise, depending on upper playfield scoring. The playfield glass is back painted which compliments the playfield layout. Multiball is achieved when a ball lands in one of the top kick-out holes, and is then shot back into play while simultaneously causing another ball to be kicked back into play from one of the upper playfield point troughs. Battery operated electro mechanical pinball.

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