1937 CCM Mars pinball

Description: Mars, Chicago Coin, 12/37. Dual backbox backglasses with motorized space ships (in view for 6 seconds) that give a 3-d look. Game as a game-over timer, so the space ship moves while the timer is engaged (about 4 minutes.)

Light bulbs on the playfield are inside two of the thirteen bumpers with red caps, labeled "Repeater". When the backbox spaceship comes into view, the two red Repeater bumpers lite and if a ball hits either of them, the rotating spaceship mechanism awards 100 points repeatedly, until the spaceship disappears from view. The maximum points possible for timely hitting a lit Repeater bumper is 700. If desired, one spaceship can be made liberal and one can be conservative. Each screw head generates a pulse to the score stepping unit as the disk rotates, but only when the "repeater relay" is activated by hitting a lit Repeater bumper.

In the gap of time after a spaceship leaves the view and before the other one comes into view, the entire playfield is disabled and cannot score points. That is the red bumper lights are turned off, and the repeater relay is deactivated. The operator can increase the amount of dead playfield time by setting a portion of a spaceship’s 6-second travel time to disable the playfield. The operator does this by installing either one, two, or three screws on the inner ring of the two rings of holes in the rotating disk of the backbox motor, for each spaceship. If desired, the two gaps can be of different lengths of time by setting one spaceship to be liberal and one to be conservative.

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