1934 PamCo Major League pinball

Description: Major League, Pacific Amusement Co. (PamCo), 10/34, electro-mechanical ball pitcher. One of the first games with a ball kicking solenoid. Designed by Harry Williams. The object is to get a ball into the "batter up" hole. This fires a ball to home plate. Next put a ball into one of the scoring holes to move the batter up ball into scoring position. The game is over when all balls are either in a scoring, outfield or "out" position. If a ball is put into the "run" hole, the playfield base kickers all fire four times to clear the bases.

The Pacific Major League baseball pinball was released in three different versions due to mechanical issues. The first version had problems with the game inconsistently batting the ball. Hence games were pulled from locations and the playfield was redesigned as 'Major League (Model 40)'. Later there was a 'Major League (Model 44)' with new advertising for them clearly pointing out that, "A new added feature: a batter automatically up every time." Battery operated Electro mechanical pinball.

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