1935 CCM Rapid Transit pinball

Description: Rapid Transit, Chicago Coin Machine (CCM), 09/35, ramps and kicker galore. Has fourteen balls with five in the captive area and nine others in the play area. At start of game all white balls are dropped below the playfield to be shot into play. The blue balls in their elevated rack are dumped and stay on the playfield in their captive ball area. Balls are shot by the player to the upper playfield. If a ball does not land in any hole, it lines up in a nearby trough, ready to be kicked to the lower playfield. A ball shot into either Loop Starter hole in the upper playfield is returned to the player. This also kicks one ball from the trough into the habitrail, rolling it down to the lower left-side. There is an automatic kicker lane which then kicks the ball around a looping lane to the lower playfield holes for scoring. Electro mechanical pinball.

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