1934 California Games Rebound pinball
1934 Exhibit Supply Rebound pinball
1935 Joseph Schneider Inc. Kick-Back pinball

Description: Rebound, California Games Incorporated (Los Angeles), 11/34. This game was also licensed to Exhibit Supply for their Rebound pinball (12/34), and was known as "Rebound Junior" (where the California Games original version was "Rebound Senior.") Joseph Schneider Inc. (NY) also made this game in both a non-electric bagatelle and electric version pinball during 1935. Ten balls per play, two ball kickers. Top kicker loops ball over habitrail track to the high score area. No outhole - the bottom kicker propels balls back to the high scoring area. Landing a ball in either of the two top trip holes scores 200 points, and landing a second ball in the other trip hole releases both balls back to the player (multi-ball.) This allows the player to launch the balls back into play and potentiall into higher-scoring holes. The 5000-point hole can only be reached from the bottom kicker. Electro mechanical pinball.

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