1934 Bally Streamline pinball

Description: Streamline, Bally, 04/34, railroad theme. Bally Streamline has two rows of three progressive scoring holes for 1000, then 2000, then 3000 points. There are also four Free Ride trap holes. The idea being to first land in the 1000 point hole, then shoot the next ball into a Free Ride trap hole. This transfers the first ball from the 1000 point hole to the 2000 point hole. Then the trap closes for the remainder of play, and returns its ball to the player. The next time a ball lands in a Free Ride trap, the ball will transfer from the 2000 point hole to the 3000 point hole. This will simultaneously transfer any ball in the 1000 point hole to the freshly vacated 2000 point hole. Hence it is possible to score 12,000 points using this play strategy with as few as 6 balls. Fully mechanical pinball.

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