Williams Magic Lamp Slot Machine Dotmation

Description: Williams Magic Lamp Dotmations Slot Machine, WMS, 1997. Magic Lamp slot machine has a 192x64 dot matrix display (DMD) in addition to the three spinning reels. Bigger payouts and jackpots won through Dotmation sequences with multipliers emerging from the magic lamp (which sometimes morphs into a lava lamp). A lot of different animations used for the "X" multiplier. Magic Lamp does not have a bonus mode, but it changes the "X" multiplier for winnings on each pull. There are several very cute animations that do this including the lamp opening and a UFO comes out and shoots "10x" on the screen. Also sometimes the lamp changes to a lava lamp. Another animation is a guy jumps out of the lamp and gives a higher "X" multiplier. Unfortunately no bonus game beyond this. Available in 2, 3 and 5 coin versions.

See a movie of this game working here.

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Williams Magic Lamp dotmation slot machine with 9" top glass, 5 coin version.

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