Williams Reel 'Em In Slot Machine

Description: Williams Reel 'Em In Slot Machine, WMS, circa late 1995. This was Williams first slot machine, a mechanical three reel slot. It was very successful for their first effort. Reel Em In slot machine has a light animated reels bonus game in addition to the three re-spinning of the reels. The reels are backlit, which is a nice feature. If a lure or fish is won on a reel, the game respins for a bonus spin. Reels act like fishing rod casting, spinning the lures out to the lake with good sound effects. Then they reel back slowly, and if you're lucky, a fish will bite! If this happens, the reel jerks and jimmies as the fish pulls the reel. Very realistic and cool effect. Game talks to the player and really plays off Williams famous 'Fish Tales' pinball theme. Not dotmation, but a very cool mechanical reel slot game none the less. Comes in two and three coin models. This theme was recycled and used again for their model 550 video slots.

See a short movie of Reel Em In playing here.

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Williams Reel Them In slot machine (3 coin) with 9" top:

Williams Reel 'Em In slot machine in roundtop format:

Compare the above original Williams Reel Them Em slot machine with the model 550 video version:

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