Williams Safe Cracker Slot Machine Dotmation

Description: Williams Safecracker Dotmations Slot Machine, WMS, circa 1996. Safe Cracker slot machine has a 192x64 dot matrix display (DMD) in addition to the three spinning reels. The object is to get a five digit safe combination. This will enable the bonus round, where the player breaks into the safe and collects the money. (The safe money is continually added as the game is played, and goes back to 2 coins after the player breaks into the safe.)

This particular slot machine title appeals to the pinball crowd because it shares the same name as a famous Williams pinball machine. The brotherhood of these two games stops there though, as the Wms Safecracker slot machine does not share any game play features with its pinball cousin.

As the game is played, coins are collected in the safe. Also the player is awarded numbers to the combination. When all five digits of the combination are revealed, the game goes to a bonus game which allows the player to break into the safe and collect the bonus coins. A multiplier is also used depending on the safe's combination.

Williams Safe Cracker slot machine is available in a 2 coin model only. This is a very hard to find slot machine as it was really only available as a lease game. Hence when casinos were done with the game, it was returned to Williams (where it was parted out and destroyed).

See a movie of this game working here.

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Williams Safe Cracker slot machine with 16" top glass.

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