Williams Shopping Spree Slot Machine Dotmation

Description: Williams Shopping Spree Dotmations Slot Machine, WMS, circa 1999. (Though the reel strips have a 1996 date on them, based on the game number, this game was not released until 1999.) Considered the last dotmation slot made by Wms. Shopping Spree slot machine has a 192x64 dot matrix display (DMD) in addition to the three spinning reels. Rare game where the bonus round involves shopping for miscellaneous household items. Very unique dotmation animations and cute elevator shopping music during game play and funny animations. Very nicely done game. If a "shopping spree" symbol appears on any reel stop, the game awards 2 shopping bonus points. A new floor of the department store is achieve at 10,20,30,40 points, with new dot animations. (Each floor has different departments, much like a traditional department store.) Earn 50 frequent shopper points and you get the bonus game. The bonus game involves zooming through the store, floor by floor, picking up bonus coins which are awarded to the player.

See a movie of this game working here.

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Williams Shopping Spree slot machine with 9" top glass.

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