Williams Short Circuit Slot Machine

Description: Williams Short Circuit Slot Machine, WMS, late 1995. Probably a rip-off of the IGT Haywire slot, but MUCH better done than the IGT version. Short Circuit has a bonus re-spin option if a Jackpot symbol is landed, the reels often (but not always) go crazy. In this mode the reels shake and sputter, go forward and back, and basically do a respin. This can happen once or several times in this bonus round. The sound and music is very cool with electrical shorting sounds and high voltage noise. A much better game than IGT's Haywire, as the sound and reel effects are far better. Also the glass graphics are way better than the IGT Haywire too.

See a movie of Short Circuit in action.

If you have a Williams Short Circuit slot machine for sale (working or not), please contact me at cfh@provide.net

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Williams Short Circuit slot machine with 9" top glass.

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