Williams Stroke of Luck Slot Machine Dotmation

Description: Williams Stroke of Luck Dotmations Slot Machine, WMS, 1998. Stroke of Luck slot machine has a 192x64 dot matrix display (DMD) in addition to the three spinning reels. Offering a unique twist, every pay becomes a scatter pay. A Mystery Multiplier bonus game come up whenever "mystery" hits on a spin. In the bonus game, it quickly flashes five circles with different bonus coin values. Player tries to time hitting the "spin" button to stop the flashing circle at the highest coin value displayed (seems like a skill thing, but I'm sure it's not). Game was mostly available as lease to casinos (generally not sold), and hence is fairly rare. (Lease game aren't owned by the casino, so when they are retired, the machine goes back to Williams, where it is destroyed.) Available in 4 coin version only.

See a movie of this game working here.

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Williams Stroke of Luck dotmation slot machine with 9" top glass, 4 coin version.

Stroke of Luck uses a special reel glass (not shown in the game above)
and a "play 4 coins" graphic:

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