This Old Pinball Repair/Restoration Video
TOP#2 - "Hardball in Detroit"

The second This Old Pinball (TOP) video (aka TOP#2), covers the restoration and repair of 1950s and 1960s Williams Pitch and Bat baseball EM pinball machines (but certainly does apply to other EM pinball games too). Video concentrates on restoring a 1960 Williams Official baseball game. This video is hosted by Norm and Shaggy. Two hours long, NTSC video format, DVD media. The following is a list of the DVD chapter titles. This does not encompass all the information in the video, just where the chapters are marked.

TOP#2 DVD Chapters:

  • "Norm" and "Shaggy" at Tiger stadium
  • Introducing Pitch & Bat baseball games
  • 1956 Williams Four Bagger Deluxe cabinet repairs and touchups
  • Making a coin entrance plate
  • Replacing the power cord
  • EM Switch maintainence
  • Stepper unit rebuild and cleaning
  • Cleaning connectors
  • Backglass sealing
  • Backglass touchup
  • Backbox EM maintainence
  • Score reel rebuild and cleaning
  • Running man unit repair
  • Inning buzzer
  • Playfield inspection
  • Manikin men repair
  • Refinishing woodrails
  • Cleaning the cabinet
  • Repairing the front door area
  • Restoring the cardboard backgrounds
  • Restoring the front lockdown molding
  • Repainting the coin door
  • Repairing the bat
  • Repairing the pitching motor
  • Replacing the pitching flap
  • Fixing playfield chips
  • High score reels
  • Play testing the finished game
  • Sapphire!
  • Pitch and Bat history 1948 to 1991

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