This Old Pinball Repair/Restoration Video
TOP#5 - "Black House, Haunted Hole"

The fifth This Old Pinball (TOP) video (aka TOP5.1 and TOP5.2), covers the restoration and repair of 1980s Gottlieb System80 pinball machines. In particular, the fabled Gottlieb Haunted House and Gottlieb Black Hole are featured in this two DVD set. Note this video is ONLY available as a two DVD set (that is you can't just order TOP5.1). Video is hosted by Norm and Shaggy. Each DVD is two hours long, NTSC video format, DVD media. The following is a list of the DVD chapter titles. This does not encompass all the information in the video, just where the chapters are marked.

TOP#5.1 DVD Chapters:

TOP#5.2 DVD Chapters:

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