This Old Pinball Repair/Restoration Video
TOP#7 - "Banzai Wars"
Williams System11 and DataEast Pinball Repair/Restoration.

The two minute teaser video for Windows-based computer with Windows Media Player. If you have a non-Windows machine, there is also a MPG version available that should work on any computer (much larger in size, but higher quality too).

Of course the purchased videos are much higher quality than these web teasers.

The popularity of 1980s and 1990s pin games has really skyrocketed, so Norm and the Shagster felt it was time to do a video about restoring these great games. Covered is repair and restoraton of Williams/Bally System 11 (1985 to 1990) and DataEast (1987 to 1995) pinball games. Though much of this information could certainly be applied to other brands and eras of pin games. Covers complete repair and ground-up restoration of this era of pinball games.

Note TOP7 has some language and content that is not intented for kids, but a "PG" kid-friendly version is also available (please specify). DISCONTINUED. (We sold like five of the PG version in a year.) The TOP7 does have some candid sexual skits with their "Bud Lite" girl named "Candy" and some rough language (i.e. an occassional "s*it").

Video is hosted by Norm and Shaggy. Two hours and twenty minutes long, NTSC video format, DVD media. The following is a list of the DVD chapter titles. This does not encompass all the information in the video, just where the chapters are marked.

TOP#7 DVD Chapters:

  • System 11 intro
  • System 11 Flashers explained
  • System 11 25/50 volt coils
  • System 11 Special Soleniods
  • System 11a intro
  • A/C Relay explained
  • System 11b intro
  • System 11c intro
  • System 9 intro
  • Alpha-numeric DataEast games
  • Repairing a locked-on pop bumper
  • Repairing a locked-on flash lamp
  • DataEast Deger flippers
  • DataEast Simpsons and non-reflexive special solenoids
  • DataEast solidstate flippers
  • DataEast fuse clips
  • DataEast dot matrix games
  • Crimping connectors (burnt GI)
  • System 11/DataEast test fixture
  • Banzai Run intro
  • Cabinet restoration:
    • sanding interior/exterior
    • sanding bottom
    • lockdown bar clamp
    • coin door
    • shooter rod
    • repaint inside cab
    • repaint back
    • repaint front
    • regrain stainless steel
    • transformer
    • cabinet paint
    • front touchup
    • cabinet overspray removal
    • cabinet clearcoat
    • cabinet polish
  • lower playfield disassembly (playfield rotisserie from
  • coindoor wash
  • more burnt GI (header pins)
  • "Adjust fail" & remote battery holder
  • making cabinet decals
  • power supply texting and repair
  • replacing a score display
  • flipper rebuild
  • steam cleaning
  • Flame polishing ramps, etc.
  • replacing ramp flaps ( rivet press)
  • Melamine foam (Magic Eraser)
  • Mylar removal
  • Repairing a non-working flipper
  • upper playfield rebuild
  • testing GI outside of the game
  • target foam replacement
  • game finished, play test

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