1992 Alvin G. USA Football pinball
1992 Alvin G. A.G. Soccer Ball pinball

Description: 1992 Alvin G U.S.A. Foot ball pinball machine. A head to head game made by Alvin Gottlieb, where the players stand at either end of the machine, and play simultaneously. They made two version of this game - USA Football and an Alvin G. AG Soccer Ball (A.G. Soccer-ball) pinball model. It's the exact same game, just different graphics/theme. There were 500 made of each model for a total production of 1000 games. Uses blue Futaba score displays (like Gottlieb system80b). Also has flipper switches so the game can be played in one player mode against the computer.

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The USA Football pinball version:

The A.G. AG Soccer-Ball pinball version:

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