1967 Williams Beat Time Pinball

Description: Williams Beat Time, 9/67, four player, two 2" Flippers, five Pop bumpers, two Slingshots, one Rotating targets with four targets (neat feature), two Standup targets, Left and right dual outlanes. Williams Beat Time took advantage of the musical group The Beatles, and used this unlicensed pinball, changin the name of the group to The Bootles. But clearly from the art they are representing The Beatles. There is also a reissue backglass of this game available with "The Beatles" on the glass instead of "The Bootles." The game itself is nothing to really look at, in fact it has the ugly pointy art and a rather sick green color. Game play is decent if you can get past the art work. But the Bootles/Beatles connection makes the game somewhat cool. They made 2,802 Williams Beat Time pinballs, and it was designed by Steve Kordek and art by Jerry Kelley.

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