1954 Williams Star Pool pinball

Description: Star Pool #114, 7/54, Star feature, two gobble holes, an exact copy of the 7/54 Cue-Tee game before it but with the "Star feature" added, as a three digit credit unit going to 200 credits. A second coin must be insert to play the star feature (like Gottlieb's double award system). Game has impulse flippers.

On first ball if no points scored and ball goes into top gobble hole, entire 15 ball rack is cleared (lights on BG) and one replay awarded, and game is set up for additional replays (four of the six rollovers are lit for special). To win many multiple replays at once, there needs to be a match between the star unit and the 10,000 unit (matching one to five stars). If five stars are matched, the player can win 200 replays (nearly impossible to do).

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