1984 Zaccaria Devil Rider pinball

Description: 1984 Zaccaria Devil Rider, Zaccaria, 4/84, Four pop bumpers, two playfields and six flippers (two on the main playfield, two on the upper transparent playfield, and two "React" flippers to flip the ball back up from the outlanes as a save.) Elevated ball shooter lane. Backglass animation (a motorcycle performs loops each time the ball enters the upper playfield). Neon light in the backglass. Has speech, no multiball. Uses 1B1165/1 MPU, five 1B13123 (7 Digit) Display boards, 1B11136/0 Sound board, 1B1166 driver board, and 1B11167/0 Power Supply board. Has very interesting speech. Single ball (not multiball.)

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