1983 Zaccaria Farfalla pinball

Description: 1983 Zaccaria Farfalla, Zaccaria, 9/83, Six flippers (two on the main playfield, two on the upper transparent playfield, and two outlane-save flippers). Timed "bonus ball". Elevated ball shooter lane. An audio jack located on the cabinet front underneath the ball shooter allows listening to the game via headphones. Has speech, no multiball. Backglass came in two flavors, one with transparent clothing on the girl, and one with more conservative clothing. Uses 1B1165/1 MPU, five 1B13123 (7 Digit) Display boards, 1B11136 or 1B11136/0 Sound board, 1B1166 driver board, and B11167/0 Power Supply board.

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Transparent dress backglass.

Non-transparent dress blackglass.

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