1982/1983 Zaccaria Pinball Champ

Description: 1982 Zaccaria Pinball Champ, Zaccaria, 4/82. Game was also made in April 1983 with just a slight artwork change (no "82" after "Pinball Champ".) Zaccaria's first multi-level game with two playfields, four flippers (two on the main playfield, two on the upper transparent playfield). Has speech., no multiball. Timed "bonus ball", elevated ball shooter lane. No multiball. An audio jack located on the cabinet front underneath the ball shooter allows listening to the game via headphones. Pinball Champ (1982) was the first of Zacccaria's second generation of Solid State games. Uses 1B1165 MPU, five 1B1168 (2x4 Digit) Display boards, 1B1170 Sound board, and 1B1167/0 Power Supply board. Early versions of this game have 6 digit displays (most have 7 digits though.)

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