Game Settings: Hot Wheels

Option Number Description Possible Values Meaning Current setting
6Balls per game1...5Balls per game.5
7Match enabled0Disabled
8Award for "winning" score0Superbonus
2Extra Ball
9Maximum credits10...60Maximum credits allowed before the game locks out the coin mechs and stops awarding free credits.20
10Award for High Score To Date0Superbonus0
11 Replay
22 Replays
33 Replays
11Value of coins in coin chute 10...151
12Credits / Value for coin chute 10...151
13Value of coins in coin chute 20...151
14Credits / Value for coin chute 20...151
15Value of coins in coin chute 30...151
16Credits / Value for coin chute 30...151
17Game Variation - Special Difficulty0Normal0
18Game Variation - Special Awards0Superbonus
(Moving Target)1Replay
250K Points
19Game Variation - Saucer Special Awards0Extra Ball
150K Points
20Game Variation - Balls & Difficulty05 Balls / Normal0
13 Balls / Easy
1/5 Together
6/10 Together
21High Score To Date Variation0Normal HSTD0
1Random HSTD
500,000 - 1,200,000
2Random HSTD
800,000 - 1,500,000
3Random HSTD
1,100,000 - 1,800,000
22High ScoreHigh score recorded to date is displayed
231st Winning Score100K and 10K digits of the score are shown.01 (min high score for "Free Play"
242nd Winning Score100K and 10K digits of the score are shown.
253rd Winning Score100K and 10K digits of the score are shown.
26AuditsPlayer 1Coins Left Chute
Player 2Coins Right Chute
Player 3Coins Centre Chute
Player 4Total Games Played
High ScoreTotal Replays

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