Game Settings: Mystic Star

Test No.FunctionDisplay 5Displays 1 - 4Comments
1Lamp test   
2Display test0 - 90 - 9( loop )
3Solenoid test 0 - 12( loop )
4Sound test  Play Game over music ( loop )
5Contact test0Closed contact numbers 
61st winning score01500000My setting
72nd winning score02660000My setting
83rd winning score03800000My setting
9Hi score to date04900000My setting
10Current credits05ValueBook keeping
11Total plays06ValueBook keeping
12Total replays07ValueBook keeping
13Total times high score to date is beat08ValueBook keeping
14Coins dropped thru chute #109ValueBook keeping
15Coins dropped thru chute #210ValueBook keeping
16Coins dropped thru chute #311ValueBook keeping


David Gersic

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Last updated 28 February 2012