1936 Seeburg Ray-O-Lite

Description: Ray-O-Lite Rifle, Seeburg, 1/36, a duck shoot game, this rayolite gun game is the first light activated gun games. Seeburg was a company with an engineering departments focused on the design of vacuum tube amplifiers and gearing systems for jukeboxes. It was no surprise then that when the electric eye light sensing vacuum tube was introduced in the early 1930s that the Seeburg design teams would introduce a light ray game. In January of 1936 Seeburg was the first out with the Ray O Lite. This game featured a flying duck with a light sensing tube that would drop the duck when you shot it with the rifle, which produced a beam of light when the trigger was pulled. After years of making Jukeboxes, Seeburg knew how to build a quality veneer wood cabinet.

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Pictures by MrBigglesWorth3:

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