1981 United Billiards Bimbo Three Ring Circus

Description: The Original Bimbo Three Ring Circus, United Billiards Inc, 1981, a copy of Williams Peppy the Clown (1956), designed for kids, Bimbo the clown talked and sang, moving his head from side to side, player could press buttons on the front console which controlled Bimbo 3 Ring Circus' arm and leg movement.

M.Clayton explains the following about the Bimbo 8-track tape: "Unlike most other games using tape cartridges, Bimbo uses the length of each song to determine the length of each play of the game. In between each of the eight different songs is a conductive splice. Normally this is used to trigger a track change in a conventional 8-track player but in this case, the player always remains on the same track, and instead the signal from the conductive splices is used to end the game. Each game play is approximately one minute long, depending on the length of the original songs. The song titles include 'Yankee Doodle', 'Oh Susannah', 'The Farmer in the Dell', 'East Side, West Side' and other standards, sung in a sing-songy way to appeal to young children.

If you are going to make replacement tapes from this sound file, you have to be prepared for some extra work. First, you are going to need some self-adhesive conductive splices for 8-track tapes. These aren't too easy to find, for starters. Next, you will need to deftly pause the recording in between each song and apply a conductive splice to the tape at its current position. Then you need to find a way to get the entire thing to wrap around properly. The original tape was 9 minutes and 35 seconds long, on a single track. The closest standard tape would be a 40-minute blank, which would be 10 minutes per track. Somehow you have to deal with the extra 25 seconds on the track, or just tolerate some "dead air" after the last of the eight songs. There is only one channel of audio, on the left channel of Track 2. All the other tracks are empty."

Here's a MP3 of the 8-track tape from Bimbo, thanks to Mark!

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