1973 Chicago Coin Commando Machine Gun

Description: Commando Machine Gun, Chicago Coin, 1973, electronic sound, (no 8-track tape). Different than the Chicago Coin 1958 Commando Machine Gun. Similar to the 1971 CCM Defender Machine Gun and 1971 CCM Sky Battle. Also a bit like the 1973 Williams Ambush gun game, Midway's Gang Busters, and even the dual gun Chicago Coin's 1971 Foreign Legion Twin Machine Gun.

Commando Machine Gun uses a motor with a counter weight for recoil on the machine gun (a cold water ground clamp on motor shaft can be used for a counter weight if the original is gone). Also uses a pair of 3 volt DC motors to turn the props on the two helicopters (these can be replaced with Radio Shack hobby motors, mounted in parallel). Cloud uses two lights inside a rotating drum (use a blue 25 watt and a white 60 watt bulb). Use a red light bulb for the "crash" and gun muzzle flash bulb.

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The annoying purple blacklight line across the back can be hidden with a piece of black cardboard.

Cloud Generator with 2 bulbs inside. Also shows it the crash/gun muzzle bulb, and the electronic sound unit:

This motor moves the mirror up and down:

3D ground image mounted vertically inside the cabinet, approx 3 feet long:

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