1974 Midway Gang Busters

Description: GangBusters, Midway, 3/74, #563, electronic sound, 8-track sound. Has a light bulb in the gun barrel and the targets all have light sensors.

Thanks to Mark for this sound info: The dual-head Midway 8-track decks are configured to get the audio from the 8-track on track 2 (for the first two channels) and track 3 for the second two channels. Tracks 1 and 4 are not used. Gangbusters uses just three channels, so the right channel of track 2 is empty. The left channel of track 2 has a "roaring 20's" ditty, with siren and police sound effects in the background. Track 3 has crashing sound effects on the left channel, and a gangster on the right channel saying things like "ya got me" and "I'll get even". Background sound (4:53, 4.7meg), crash effect & gangster sounds (4:53, 4.1 meg). Similar to Williams's Ambush (1973) and Chicago Coin's Commando Machine Gun (1973).

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