1948 International Mutoscope Cross Country Race

Description: Cross Country Race, International Mutoscope, 10/48, two players. Two players complete in a race across the country. Much like a two player version of Drive Mobile (1941) and the later sit-down Drive Yourself (1954). International Mutoscope decided to revisit one of their past classics. the 1941 Drivemobile was a big hit for Mutoscope. It featured a rotating drum with two lanes of country road. A car suspended above the road needed to be kept on the open lane to score points. The Cross Country Race is Drivemobile times two. The two players compete to be the first one to drive across the US. Also similar to Williams 1962 Road Racer, it has a rotating barrel with the road on it.

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Picture from the P.Hoebert Collection (Holland).

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