1954 International Mutoscope Drive Yourself Road Test (Drivemobile)

Description: Drive Yourself Road Test (Drivemobile), International Mutoscope, 6/54. While you sit on the seat and steer, the seats moves in the direction you turn (drive mobile). The object is the stay on the road to get more points. There were basically two other versions of this game by Mutoscope: Cross Country Race (10/48) and Drive Mobile (3/41). Also similar to Williams 1962 Road Racer, it has a rotating barrel with the road on it.

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Next four pictures by 59redvette. This one Mutoscope Drive Yourself is largely
original except for the blue repaint of the side of the seat (no wheel decals):

Same game as above, but different pictures. Again
the whole seat/car area is not original and has been repainted
(note the missing rear wheel decal and license plate),
but the front red area of the game appears to be the original red/white speckle.
The seat/car area should be green/white speckle with a black bottom border.

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