1941 International Mutoscope Drive Mobile

Description: Drive Mobile, International Mutoscope, 3/41, try and drive the Drive-Mobile across the map of the highways of the United States. Stay on course, of the driving progress is delayed. The object is to drive from New York to Los Angeles. Each time you reach a new city along the way it lights up, rings and scores another 1000 points. The road is a giant cylinder that rotates and moves side to side. Your job is to try and keep the car on the road. When you're on the road the game tics telling you that you are getting points. When your off the road the game buzzes telling you that you are not scoring.

There were basically two other versions of this game by Mutoscope: Cross Country Race (10/48) and Drive Yourself (1954). Also similar to Williams 1962 Road Racer, it has a rotating barrel with the road on it.

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A nicely restored Drive Yourself by P.Hoebert:

An original Drive Yourself from P.Sam:

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