1969 Chicago Coin Drive Master

Description: Drive Master, Chicago Coin, 4/69, uses "playtape" sound. Some other similar style driving games by Chicago Coin are Speedway (1969) and Motorcycle (1970/1974). CCM Drivemaster uses a tape player for background race sound. As Mark describes, the game uses a consumer PlayTape player for the background sounds. PlayTape was a play-only format that predates 8-tracks. The original PlayTapes had two mono sound tracks, selected by a switch (later playtape players could play both tracks simultaneously for stereo). Both tracks on the Drivemaster PlayTape have the same sounds. The tape repeated about every 5 minutes and 40 seconds, with a few seconds of noise in between.

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MP3 of the DriveMaster sound track, thanks to Mark:
DriveMaster sound (5.5meg).

Pictures by Vintage Vending:

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