1970 and 1974 Chicago Coin Motorcycle

Description: Motorcycle, Chicago Coin, 10/70 and 1974. The 1970 version had white sides, and the 1974 version had orange cabinet sides. If the player could keep the motorcycle on the road and not run into other bikes (from the front, left side, and rear), the score would increase by 10 points approximately every second or so. Game is timed via a timing motor, with a clock dial shown at the upper right of the score glass. The faster the player's motorcycle goes, the faster the score increases. If the player passes an operator selected score, extended time is award.

Electronic sound for the motorcycle's engine and for the crash explosion. A second version of CCM Motorcycle was released in 1974 with updated sound and a more realistic looking 3-D top marquee sign. On both versions the marquee sign had a blower motor installed which would turn on as the motorcycle accelerated, blowing air in the player's face (a nice touch!) Also the 1974 version's electronic sound were completely changed using two small solidstate boards, and adding an Ambulance sound. The 1970 version electronic sound creates the engine sound using a hall effect off the motor that turns the race track wheel. The accident sound is a recond needle touching a small copper sheet that gets hit by a knocker-like solenoid. The 1970 version of CCM Motor Cycle is essentially the same game as CCM Speedway (9/69). Similar to the CCM Drive Master (1969).

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Flyer for the 1970 version of CCM Motorcycle:

The 1970 CCM Motorcycle with the optional seat:

The author's 1974 CCM Motorcycle:

This is the 1974 second version of CCM Motorcycle with the electronic sound cards:

This is a picture of the game's belly from the side access door:

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