Chicago Coin Green Beret

Description: Green Beret, Chicago Coin, 1966 or 1967. Nearly identical to CCM's Super Scope.

As Brian Amyotte explains, the arcade game manufacturers sometimes titled their games after popular songs and movies. There was a song called Green Beret by Sgt Barry Sadler that was #1 for 5 weeks in 1966 and the #21 song of the 60's. This is the game as Super Scope except the the words "Green Beret" on the backglass read "Super Scope". Not sure why anyone would title a clown themed game Green Beret. The Super Scope refers to the tube mounted on the rifle as a gun sight. The targets included a swinging target, spinning targets when hit and targets that dropped out of sight when hit. There are additional targets that are silkscreened onto the back of a one way mirror that would be visable once the interior blacklight was turned off and their small lights lit to illuminate them. These targets were a Bear, Swan, Duck and a Rabbit. In the center was a large bullseye with sequencing lights that varied the score value.

This is a novelty game and tough to setup accurately since everyone sees the scope slightly different.

Pictures by Brian Amyotte.
The image below (miror removed) shows the Blacklight graphics.

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