1966 Chicago Coin Super Scope Rifle

Description: Super Scope Rifle Range, Chicago Coin, 1966. One of the first CCM gun games to use blacklights. Nearly identical to CCM's Green Beret. The Super Scope refers to the tube mounted on the rifle as a gun sight. 20 or 25 shots per game (operator selectible). Extended play for achieving a set score (2000-3000 points). Essentially a free game is awarded to the player, but the player is forced to play the game after the paid game is completed, as the new game starts immediately (without reseting the score). Tough to setup accurately since everyone sees the gun scope slights slightly different.

The targets included a swinging bullseye target, 4 spinning targets (which only spin after they are hit), and 6 targets that dropped out of sight when hit. First the player gets about 10 or 15 shots to get the above mentioned targets. The points award varies (the first two shots should be taken at the swinging bullseye, as it is given high points on just the first two shots).

After a set number of shots the two blacklights turn off, and four static animal targets appear (the targets are lit by #44 lamps, which show up nicely in the black dark background). These animal targets are silkscreened onto the back of a one way mirror that would be visable once the interior blacklight was turned off and their small lights lit to illuminate them. These targets are a Bear, Swan, Duck and a Rabbit. Player has four shots to get these four targets.

With the blacklight still off now a non-moving (static) center large bullseye with moving sequencing lights that vary the score value appears. Player gets 10, 30, 50 or 100 points for this target. Must time the shot to hit the target for the most points. Player gets about 5 shots for this.

Next the game turns the two black lights back on and the player gets to shoot the same targets as they did in the first part of the game (swinging bullseye, 4 spinners, 6 drop away targets), with all these targets reset.

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