Americoin Junkyard

Description: Junkyard, Americoin, 1970s (exact date unknown, a digger/crane game where the player picks up diecast cars (the "junk") and tries to load them into the hopper for a fixed amount of time. The more cars loaded, the better your operator rating. A spring-loaded scale measures how many "tons" have been loaded, which gives an operator rating of "novice", "apprentice", "crane boss" or "scalebuster". Uses an 8-track tape player for sound. A newer version of the older Williams Crane (1956) and Chicago Coin's Steam Shovel (1956). 8-track tape player background sounds (12 minutes long) of cars being crushed, smashed glass, straining diesel engines, etc. The 8-track player seems to be an automotive-style unit running on 12 Volts DC. Mark ( made an MP3 of the sound available here.

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Pictures by J.Robertson.

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