1942 Seeburg Kill the Jap & Trap the Jap

Description: Kill the Jap, 1942, Seeburg. Trap the Jap, 1942, Mike Munves. This is a two-part (target unit and pedestal) light activation gun game. Kill the Jap and Trap the Jap were World War 2 conversions of the 1939 Seeburg Chicken Sam gun game (which is a Seeburg Rayolite/Rayolight gun game), since new production was not possible during WW II. The Seeburg Ray-o-lite was often converted, mostly by Mike Munves of NYC, during this World War II period. The Japanese figure moves left and right inside the cabinet, and when a hit he turns and moves in the opposite direction. Total hits are scored are shown at the top of the cabinet score panel.

Also see Hit the Siamese Rats and Buy Defense Bonds and Stamps (anti-Hilter) for other conversions of Chicken Sam.

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