1944 Harold Thompson Hit the Siamese Rats

Description: Hit the Siamese Rats, Harold W. Thompson, 1944. Based on the 1939 Seeburg Chicken Sam game, (a two-part target unit and pedestal, light activation gun game known as the Ray-o-lite G-1 gun). This game uses a two-faced (siamese) manikin with Hitler and Tojo as the gun's target, which was unique to this conversion. This way during WW2, when Seeburg was busy making war products instead of games, obsolete Chicken Sam games could have a more current theme. Instead of shooting at a chicken thief, players could shot at Hitler and Tojo (see Buy Defense Bonds and Stamps (anti-Hitler) and Mike Munves' Kill the Jap/Trap the Jap). Other conversions of ChickenSam were available including Kill the Rat, the Wolf, Bag-A-Bunny, Mother-in-Law, Bartender and Jail Bird. After the war, in 1947 Seeburg introduced Shoot the Bear.

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Ad from a 1945 Billboard magazine:

Pictures by J.Papa.

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