Mike Munves Grandma's Prophesies fortune teller
Mike Munves Grandma Predicts fortune teller

Description: Grandma's Prophesies Grandma Predicts fortune tellers, Mike Munves, date unknown (probably 1950s). These two fortune tellers are exactly the same except for the top marquee glasses. One hand moves over the cards and other other hand moves over the cyrstal ball, head goes from side to side, eyes move, and the chest "breathes", crystal ball glows as the machine dispenses a fortune card. Your future is told! Also see the Mutoscope Grandma Predicts fortune teller and Mike Munves Ask Grandma fortune teller.

If you have a Grandma Predicts or a Munves Grandmas Prophesies for sale please contact me at cfh@provide.net

Munves Grandma Predicts. Pictures by JukeB Eddy.
Original closes and top glasses.

Munves Grandma Prophesies. Pretty much original except for her clothes and the cabinet has a new clearcoat.
Pictures by JB Eddy.

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