1929-1932 Grandmothers Predictions fortune teller
AKA Gent Cleveland Grandma or Gent Grandma fortune teller

Description: Grandmothers Predictions, William Gent, 1929-1932, originally made by William Gent Vending Company. aka Cleveland Grandma or Cleveland Grandmother or Gent Grandma. Make by William Gent who lived in the Cleveland Ohio area during the 1930s. Later copied by International Mutoscope for a version they produced which was mechanically identical but the cabinet was different. Grandmother's head moves left and right and nods up and down, her hand moves over the cards, her chest moves like she is breathing, and she of course gives out a fortune card. Again, many reproductions of this famous style fortune teller have available since the 1970s, including one made by the former show promoter for the Chicagoland Slot Machine show. Also see the Mike Munves Grandma Predicts fortune teller and Mike Munves Ask Grandma fortune teller.

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A fully restored 1930 Gent Grandma fortune teller with mostly original parts and original head #29.

The bird is not original.

This is a 1970s made reproduction by the Chicagoland Slot Machine promoter:

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