Taylor Shoot-Out at Rock Gulch

Description: Shootout at Rock Gulch, Taylor, 1960s or early 1970s (exact date unknown), had a player holster with a six-shoter gun facing a full sized manikin gunfighter. An 8-track tape played the gunfighters voice as it would entice the player into a fight. When the manikins eyes flashed it was time to draw. If you shot him in the chest with the light beam pistol before he shot you, the manikin would scream and then his eyes would light up. Three trys per coin. There was also a timer that showed how fast the player shoot. Rock Gulch had a fiberglass rock that the manikin stood next to. This rock is often gone or broken. Much like Taylor's Mr. Top Gun and Dynamic Amusement Mr. Quick Draw and Gun Slinger

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This Taylor Shoot Out at Rock Gulch is missing the rock and the original cabinet that housed the timer and player's gun.

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