1971 Midway Sea Rescue

Description: Sea Rescue, Midway #551, 10/71, skill game with dual joysticks, electronic sound generator and 8-track player sound loop. Dual-joystick flying game similar in layout to Stunt Pilot. Maneuver a ghostly helicopter to the indicated target to rescue the victims from the "sea". Sea Rescue uses a stereo 8-track player which plays two specific audio tracks. The left channel has a steady helicopter engine and rotor sound effect. The right channel plays wind noise, fog horns, and other sound effects. There's occasional cries for help from the victims and other dramatic background music. Victims say, "Help I can't swim", "Get me out of here" "Help", "Swim for the raft", "I'm right here dummy", and other cries. To hear both tracks of the 8-track sounds, click here (sound thanks to Mark).

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