1971 Midway Stunt Pilot

Description: Stunt Pilot, Midway #548, 3/71, electronic sound (plane and siren noise). There is a Bi-Plane that is not visible until the game coins up and the black light turns on. The plane flies in a circle. In order to score points the plane must go over the mountain, under the bridge, under the arch and through the hanger. If it crashes, an ambulance comes out of another building, and runs around with the siren on. Player has up and down and speed control. Most people who play it think the plane is a hologram. The Bi-Plane is behind a two way Mirror. It spins on a motor with A "wiper" on a board that represents the obstacles. There is another board that has a buzzing sound for the plane engine and for the Siren. Also see Midway's 1971 Sea Rescue, which is a similar game.

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Pictures by Ron Olgin.

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